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Payment in Online Gambling

Online gambling is often a gray zone. In comparison to more classic products, it is subject to much stricter regulations and is often classified as a risk industry. The flexibility and freedom, when choosing a payment provider, is therefore more limited. The payable transaction fees tend to be higher as well. This article will provide a brief insight into popular online gambling payment methods and services to be considered when signing contracts.

What do online gambling websites have to consider?

Minimize failed transactions

The profit in online gambling depends on the successful online transactions. Each failed transaction has a negative impact on the profit. In this very fraud-sensitive area of online payments, it is essential to select a reliable payment providers, thus minimizing the risks of failed transactions.

Optimization of the conversion rate

The user experience is the key factor for the conversion rate. The loss of potential buyers mostly happens at checkout. If the checkout process is simple and clearly structured, buyers are often recurring customers. A major reason for canceled purchases are poorly designed checkouts. Simplified processes can increase the retention rate as well as the rate of recurring buyers.

Comprehensive fraud management

Online gambling is particularly susceptible to fraud. Dealers and / or payment providers should always carry out a detailed fraud management. The increased risk of fraud is one reason why acquirers often refuse to provide sales protection for companies within the gambling industry. Here you can find more information about Fraud Management in Online Payment.
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Most popular payment methods in Online gambling

Good online casinos offer many different payment methods. Online casinos are by no means confined to classical payment methods, such as the bank transfer. E-Wallets are the trend.



The digital wallet solution PayPal presence on the online casino market is still somewhat meager, but is strongly on the rise. Trends are spreading rapidly on Internet and PayPal no different. It can therefore be assumed that most casino providers will accept PayPal in the next year. One of the advantages of  PayPal is that all important payment information of the customer is stored in a secure place. Furthermore, a simple casino bankroll management, for customers active in several online casinos, is a big plus with PayPal. A detailed cost overview can also be kept, even if several online casinos are played simultaneously. Money can be paid and withdrawn in online casinos. If the customer selects PayPal as a means of payment for his casino, he will usually be given a reward in the form of a start-up money grant. PayPal is also one of the safest payment methods on Internet. On the one hand, the customer does not need to specify sensitive bank or credit cards, and modern encryption technologies ensure that sufficient protection against hacker attacks is provided. However, PayPal requires the highest fees from all e-wallet providers.


This British e-payment provider with EU banking license is, besides PayPal, one of the largest e-wallets in the world. In the gambling area, Neteller is one of the most common methods to make real money transfers from and to the account of an online casino. This method of payment allows the customer to process payments quickly and easily. Like PayPal, Neteller usually provides the customer with a welcome bonus. Payouts of online profits work fast. In addition, Neteller supports 26 currencies and does not require any fees for transfers.


In the online gambling industry, there are few payment service providers who enjoy such a good reputation as Skrill. Over the years, this e-wallet solution has proven to be fast, safe and reliable. Skrill offers, as PayPal also does, a great overview of spending and revenue in online casinos, enabling accurate bankroll management for multiple casino accounts at the same time. In addition, gamblers benefit from a welcome bonus, a speedy deposit process and the highest level of data protection. The mobile payment, usually more vulnerable, are as safe as desktop transactions with Skrill. If unlawful payments are made from a Skrill account, the lost amounts will be refunded to the customer. Customer may also purchase additional fraud protection, for example against blocked profit disbursements. The fees are small compared to the standard. An important advantage that distinguishes Skrill from other e-wallets is the possibility to use a special MasterCard prepaid card with which the customer can access his balance. This card allows the customer to spend his casino profit in everyday shop. Find more information about e-wallets here.

Credit card payments

This method of payment is the most widespread in online gambling. German customers often use Visa or MasterCard to quickly and securely load real money on their online casino accounts. Customers do not need to worry about data theft, even if the casino will be provided all data. Credit card payments allow for a transaction cancellation. The credit card can also be insured, meaning that a stolen amount can be easily restored. No fees are charged. Some casinos even reward customers using credit cards with a special welcome bonus, as this method of payment is the cheapest and safest for merchants. Another plus is the large amount of money that can be paid. Customers avoid having to log into other online payment portal. See here for more information about credit card payment.

Debit card payments

The debit card is the most popular cashless payment in Germany with nearly every German having a checking account with an associated debit card. The essential difference to the credit card is the property of the money. When using a credit card, the customer plays with borrowed money, which he must pay back at the end of the month. Here, there is a higher risk of losing sight of the results and of being in debt. With the EC card, the customer always keeps an overview of his remaining budget. This method of payment is considered particularly safe in online casinos, although no verification is required. The security of the bank card works by means of special PIN and TAN procedures. These are not time-consuming and offer a good protection. From the casinos side, the money transfers with EC card are always free, however some banks charge fees on internet transactions. Credit cards has two advantages on debit cards. First, the debit card must be unlocked especially for online banking transactions through a request to the card-issuing bank. Secondly, in terms of security, the credit card is still slightly ahead because unauthorized payments on a debit card cannot be undone.


In addition to traditional payment methods, there are interesting alternatives such as Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a virtual currency and a peer-to-peer online payment system, which rapidly gained in popularity. For initial customers, deposits and withdrawals are usually free of charge. Partial fees may apply. However, these are extremely limited compared to other methods of payment. In addition, the use of Bitcoin is very safe. Because of the enormous speed at which payments are processed, chargebacks are almost impossible. The system is absolutely transparent as one can see where the payments come from. However, personal data are hidden, so that the privacy and thus the security of the customer is protected. The future of this currency in relation to the gambling industry is definitely something to keep an eye on.

Payment service providers specialized in risk-sharing

Payment providers in the gambling industry often must deal with complaints, fraud and chargebacks. This entails costs for the PSPs as well as the traders. Moreover, numerous local laws and various legal approaches make the provision of a payment service more difficult.
In order to control risks, keep costs low and to comply with the administration and standards, gambling providers should select their payment providers very carefully and also be constantly on the lookout for optimizations. Providers are, for example,  Instabill, based in New Hampshire, which also supports international transactions. There is also optile, a company from Munich that offers advice on payment solutions in the betting and playing area. Additonally, Texas-based provider Easy Pay Direct has focused itself on high risks branches (except gambling).

Payment blocking and current problems in online gambling

In recent years, the German federal states have banned over 100 foreign poker and casino offers on Internet. Further prohibition procedures are running - the payment traffic to foreign suppliers is also to be blocked. The goal is to protect the game against counterfeiting. More than seven million consumers use online gambling services in the EU. Countries like Malta and Gibraltar have given licenses to hundreds of online vendors that offer their services without the necessary national concession and ignore national bans. These illegal offers make up a large part of the online gambling market in many countries.

The future of online poker gambling

Meanwhile, there is enough competition in the payment provider industry to eliminate all doubts about the lack of support for online casinos. In addition, countries with very restrictive access to gambling have become increasingly liberal. At the moment it looks as though the imaginary chains are being taken away from online payment providers in the near future and the market is gaining in attractiveness. Online casinos are constantly trying to find cheaper and faster payment methods as well as to make the payment process easier and safer for customers. For PSPs it is first come, first serve!

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