Payment in international online gaming - Expert interview

Payment in international online gaming - Expert interview


    Paylobby talked to Verena Angerbauer, Head of Payments at Travian Games, about the online gaming market and the payment requirements for online games. Travian Games develops and markets international browser and mobile games as well as client games of various genres.

    You are responsible for the payment at Travian Games. What does Travian Games do?

    VA: Travian Games is one of the largest companies in the Bavarian game industry. As a Munich-based company, we develop and market our own titles and publish games for external development studios. The product range extends from browser and mobile games to client games in various genres. Due to our international orientation, we offer over 50 different payment options worldwide.

    How big is the online gaming market in Germany and how is it developing?

    VA: The market is very dynamic and the total volume in Germany is growing steadily. Nowadays, many people use their mobile device or other platforms to play. However, these are more of a complement to common platforms, which are often completely displaced. Players want to be able to play, for example, send troops, even when they are on the go.

    The number of developers and studios has also increased very rapidly. The offer for the customer is getting bigger. This in turn affects the product’s lifetime. A strong instinct is necessary to decide, as a game operator, on the right projects and platforms.

    What are the most important payment methods and payment methods in the field of online gaming internationally and in Germany?

    VA: In many regions, major credit cards or popular wallets are the most popular. For many of our customers, however, it is also important to be able to use alternative payment options. New customers often use mobile payment methods, others use prepaid cards or prefer online banking. In many countries, it is essential to offer local payment options. There can be large variations in payment preferences from region to region.

    What are the particularities of Travian Games and online gaming in terms of payment?

    VA: Travian Games has been successful internationally with over 130 million registered users from over 200 countries. This requires a global offering of different payment options in different currencies. Cooperation with the right providers in many countries is a prerequisite. In addition, we offer a rich and varied product range. For example, individual items in the game, game credits or premium offers.

    What are the biggest payment challenges for Travian Games?

    VA: The publishing model has certainly presented us with new challenges, along with a new customer base and fraud trends. Online and client games are very different in terms of fraud. It is important to gain experience and to analyze new problematics. This is crucial to implement the appropriate measures.

    What role does fraud management play at Travian Games? Are there any special features in online gaming in terms of fraud management?

    VA: Each region has differences in fraud. Safeguard mechanisms must therefore be tailored to the respective payment methods and markets. Of course, the customer should not notice anything from the outside and not be restricted. The conversion rate should never suffer from this. Friendly fraud has also taken on an even greater importance. Thanks to our well-coordinated team and the implementation of various measures and systems, we are very well covered. It is important to stay on track every day and to react quickly.

    What should traders look for when choosing a payment service provider?

    VA: There are several key aspects and requirements to consider when selecting a PSP. Of course, the combination of the greatest degree of security and user-friendliness is an essential factor. Our payment methods should also be tailored to our customer requirements. User flows have to be considered in detail and adjusted accordingly. The level of integration and maintenance effort also plays an important role. The cost of the payment methods sometime differ widely. It is important to find the right formula to achieve maximum coverage and customer satisfaction with minimum risk and at the lowest cost possible.

    Which services of a PSP are the most important for you as Head of Payment at Travian Games?

    VA: We want to offer our customers the highest level of security. This is a prerequisite for a possible partnership. The risk of financial losses must be minimized on all sides. A proactive and honest exchange can lead to new ideas and projects. Integration efforts should be kept as minimal as possible and make sense. The customer must be able to intuitively find his way around and easily pay. After the completion of payment, there should optimally be no waiting time. Trustworthy and innovative partnerships are the foundation of our success in the future.

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